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Do you have an Itch in your Throat that makes you Cough?


Do you have an Itch in your Throat that makes you Cough?

I also have this problem. I think it was the season from September – November, since maybe 2006? I have this kind of coughing problem that comes from an itch in my throat.

Sometime it makes my throat so itchy i couldn’t even talk. In my opinion, the season around September in New England is very dry.. So my body didn’t have time to adapt to this dry season. So I drink more water.. I try cough drops, peppermint tea, and even honey.  I need a better solution!

   Stop Coughing now without Medicine!

Does this sound familiar?

I’ll get random really itchy tickles in my throat and I’ll cough and cough until my tears fall and everything! I’m not sure why I get them and some others don’t! In the past I’ve even thrown up from all that coughing. Super embarrassing when I’m out in public.. Once it happened during an exam even! And I had no water on hand.. when the exam ended, people thought I had just cried. The tea and cough drops did little to help.

Maybe this has happened to you…

The itch is in my throat and comes on all of a sudden. Drinking water doesn’t really help. Popping anti histamines helped at first, but then I had to keep upping the dose and frequency and now it has no effect, and I am worried about antihistamine tablet side effects. The frequency of this sudden itch in my throat is worse when I am sitting or lying down. It is especially annoying when it wakes me up while I am sleeping and I have also lost many hours of sleep due to this itch. It can be terribly embarrassing during work time as bouts are so unexpected. It comes on while I am talking to a customer and I feel like a right id**t. My eyes usually water from the sharpness of the sensation.
Coughing violently for a minute or so seems to quell it, but then I get secondary symptoms of wanting to vomit from such violent coughing and once I even hurt a muscle in my torso under my ribs from such violent coughing.


What can you do to stop the itch

in your throat that makes you cough?

Stop Coughing now without Medicine!


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